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IPhone XR vs. iPhone XS: Which One Is Better?

Although an iPhone XR comes with a low price as compared to iPhone XS, it cannot be considered a cheap phone. The starting price of iPhone XR is $749 which is definitely the higher price as compared to iPhone 8-Plus.

A quick comparison between the features of iPhone XR and XS

IPhone XR, XS and XS Max are all powered by A12 processor which is the fastest processor featured in the iPhones. It means that all three variants of iPhone are faster than all of the previous iPhones and most of the Android phones available in the market.

IPhone XS and XS Max feature 4 GB of RAM, while XR uses 3 GB of RAM. However, Apple may consider increasing RAM in the new productions down the line.

The storage capabilities are also different in iPhone XS and XR. IPhone XS and XS Max are available in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB variants. On the other hand, iPhone XR is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB options.

The biggest difference between iPhone XS and XR is the display. A typical iPhone XS is equipped with 5.8-inch OLED. IPhone XS Max has a 6.1-inch OLED. On the other hand, iPhone XR has 6.1-inch display based on LCD. The screen resolution in XR is 1792 x 828 pixels. However, this display is, by no means, the low quality one.

All of these new phones use iOS 12 which tends to give better performance as compared to the previous versions of iOS.


Appearance is quite prominent feature which is considered by the customers when they look to buy anything. In this scenario, iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have the same kind of appearance. All have near edge-to-edge display. It means there is no fingerprint sensor available in all three variants. These phones mainly use FaceID to unlock the phone and its several features.

Glass rears, support for Qi wireless charging and water-resistance ratings are also the features which remain the same as look at these phones.

The major difference from the perspective of appearance is the available of phones in different color variants. IPhone XR is available in 6 different color variants. From the perspective of looks, it is by far the most attractive smartphone which you can have. On the other hand, iPhone XS and XS Max are available in in standard color variants which include silver, grey and gold.

Moreover, the metals used in phone builds are also different. IPhone XR has aluminum in it build. On the other hand, iPhone XS and XS Max feature stainless steel.


IPhone XS and XS Max are loaded with dual 12-megapixel camera in the rear. One of these is the f/1.8 main sensor while the other one is a wide-angle camera with an f/2.4 aperture.

The rear camera featured in iPhone XR is the same as that of XS and XS Max. However, it is not a dual camera. It means that there is no optical 2X zoom available with the iPhone XR. However, this shortcoming doesn’t make iPhone XS a phone which tends to take bad photos. If you compare the photos taken by XR with the ones taken by XS and XS Max, you will not be able to find any visible difference.


Comparison Between iPhone XR and iPhone 8 Plus

If you want to have a big-screen iPhone with the features that make a phone great from the perspective of performance as well as greater looks and that too without paying an upward amount of $1,000, you can certainly go for the iPhone XR. The features of this phone make it a viable competitor of iPhone XS and XS Max. However, iPhone XS and XS Max prove to be better iPhones than iPhone XR when you compare certain features.

In this article, we are going to compare iPhone XR and iPhone 8-Plus which is an advanced classic iPhone. An iPhone 8-Plus costs $50 lesser than an iPhone XR and it is loaded with the very features which make this phone belonging to the category of advanced iPhones.

Let’s talk about certain features of both of the phones to do a short comparison.


Comparing the size of phones from the perspective display size, iPhone XR is bigger than the iPhone 8-Plus. However, the physical footprints of iPhone 8-Plus are bigger than the XR. The reason is that iPhone XR has thinner bezels while iPhone 8-Plus comes with the same classic look comprising the same classic Home button.

IPhone XR is available in 6 vibrant colors. On the other hand, you can get an iPhone 8-Plus in standard colors; i.e. white, black and gold.

The iPhone 8-Plus’s display, 5.5-inch, is smaller than that of iPhone XR, 6.1-inch, but this smaller display is actually sharper than that of iPhone XR due to more pixels per inch. The classic Home button of this phone also serves as a fingerprint scanner.

Here, it is up to you whether or not you consider the classic home button of iPhone 8-Plus an advantage. However, it is a fact that classic button of 8-Plus makes it easier to return to the main screen of the phone with a simple push of the button. On the other hand, you might need some time to fully get used to the swiping action required to unlock and operate an iPhone XR.


IPhone XR comes with a single camera in the rear but it is equipped with a Face Cam which has the capability sense the depth and map of your face. Due to this feature, you can use your FaceID instead of passwords and fingerprints to access your phone and its several features.

In comparison, iPhone 8-Plus is equipped with dual camera in the rear. With this feature, you might expect 8-Plus to take better pictures but the matter of fact is that iPhone XR takes more vibrant pictures as compared to 8-Plus. Although iPhone 8-Plus has the feature of 2X optical zoom, the quality of photos with this zoom remains the same as that of the photos taken by XR.


The performance is based on the processing capability and battery power. IPhone XR wins here in both aspects. IPhone XR is equipped with an A12 processor. On the other hand, the chipset used in 8-Plus is A11.

The battery of iPhone XR lasts for 19 hours and 53 minutes when you play continuous video in airplane mode. On the other hand, iPhone 8-Plus lasted 13 hours and 45 minutes.


If the features available in XR mean something for you, you will definitely feel no hesitation in paying $50 extra for this phone. And if you are OK with the classic look, decent features and a reasonable battery time, iPhone 8-Plus is definitely the phone you can consider.